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Tequila mixed drinks

There is no doubt that tequila is one of the favorite beverages around the world. It is perhaps the strongest shot among all the drinks. However, it is time to go beyond the classic drink and see what else can be done to prepare tequila mixed drinks.

Sangria recipes

Spain is well known by its tons of traditions and delicious dishes. It doesn’t matter if you are not in the country, its culinary culture goes beyond frontiers and, to make things better, beverages from this country also captivate people`s palate as well as food. All started

Mexican cocktail recipes

Every time we hear about cocktails drinks one country comes to our mind, Mexico. Mexican drinks are full of energy, vigor, flavor, and they give us that magic sensation we are always looking for from a drink. Most of the best Mexican cocktail recipes can be found

Caipirinha recipes

During this years, there is one cocktail that has gained power among others, the caipirinha. The name of this exotic cocktail may sound familiar, right? It is the national cocktail of Brazil and its preparations comes from a large traditional background. The principal ingredient for this drink

Best Australian wines

Weddings, bachelors party, meetings or any other celebration is not complete if there is not a bottle of wine on the table. Wine is relaxing, therapeutic and it offers this feeling of wellness and a relaxing sensation that no other drink can provide. There are many countries

Best selling liquors in the world

Maybe you would think that the world of liquors revolves around Jack Daniels or Absolut Vodka but the truth is that these barely appear at the end of the list of bestselling liquors in the world. The list is full of liquors from many parts of the

A great fraud in the wine world

As we all know in the world of wines there are some examples that can be extremely expensive. This is due to the year of the harvest, the wine brand and some other aspects. That is why many people have made millions with the purchase and sale