A great fraud in the wine world

As we all know in the world of wines there are some examples that can be extremely expensive. This is due to the year of the harvest, the wine brand and some other aspects. That is why many people have made millions with the purchase and sale of these wines, of which a single copy could cost up to 11,000 dollars. The documentary ‘Sour Grapes’ tells the true story of a great fraud in the world of wines happened at the early two thousands. Such an incredible fraud that could seem like a Hollywood movie to us.

Wine fraud

At the beginning of the two thousands a young Asian multimillionaire named Rudy Kurniawan came to the business of wine auctions. No one certainly knew where he had come from, where his fortune came from, or who his family was, but in a very short time he had already spent millions of dollars buying wine. He became really famous, something like a wine superstar, he was quirky and used to made big dinners where he never hesitated to show off the best and most expensive bottles of wine for his guests. Shortly afterwards he began to earn money by selling wines very difficult to find at the auctions. A great fraud in the world of wines was just starting.

World’s Largest Wine Fraud Begins

Some collectors began to suspect because no one knew where Rudy was getting all these wines, and the suspicion was confirmed when one of the greatest wine collectors in the United States discovers that one of the wines he bought at Rudy’s auctions was false. A researcher goes to work on the case and discovers that Rudy’s alleged wine distributor didn’t exist, and that his so-called millionaire family didn’t exist either. Unlike this they discover that one of his brothers made a multi-million dollar scam in a bank of Taiwan and that to this person Rudy was transferring almost half of his profits.

With an arrest warrant for Rudy Kurniawan the police went to his residence in California and found large quantities of corks, bottles, labels and everything needed to fake wines. Between 2001 and 2006 Rudy sold more than 200,000 fake wine bottles. He was sentenced to pay a large amount of money in lawsuits and 10 years in jail. Rudy Kurniawan was the only one involved in the crime, although many think he had to have help, no one else was charged. Without a doubt a great fraud in the world of wines that nobody will ever forget.

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