Drinks you have to try in their home country

Around the world there are many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are really popular, so much so that they are sold in many countries. But to test the true original flavor of a drink it is best to visit their home country. That is why below we will see a list of drinks that you have to try in their home country. Remember that the travel experience is also in the food and drinks.

Drinks from the world

Mojito in Cuba: The Mojito is a very popular drink throughout Latin America but it is native from Cuba. This cocktail is made with a base of sugar, mint and lemon, with a combination of rum and soda. Some variations substitute the soda for lemon soda.

Caipirinha in Brazil: Caipirinha is the most famous cocktail in Brazil. It is made with liquor produced in this same country called Cachaca, this is combined with lemon, sugar and crushed ice.

Fruit smoothies in India: On the streets of India you will find the best fresh fruit smoothies from around the world. They are really cheap but extremely delicious. Buying fruit smoothies is an experience of culture and certainly a drink you have to try in their home country.

Iconic liquors from some countries

Tequila in Mexico: Tequila is the most famous liquor in all of Mexico. It is native from Jalisco and is a cultural icon of the country. If you want to live a complete experience of Mexican culture you should not miss a good tequila shoot. But be careful, it’s a pretty strong liquor. This is accompanied with lemon and salt.

Beer in Germany: Germany is famous for its beer. In fact they have the biggest beer festival in the world called Oktoberfest. This festival lasts 18 days, is held in Munich and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Vodka in Russia: Vodka is Russia’s most famous liquor. The great brand of Smirnoff vodka is from this country and was founded in 1869. Russians drink pure and cold vodka, this is a way to keep the body in heat due to the low temperatures.

Wine in Spain: If you visit Spain you should take a good wine or Sangria. The best harvests of wine are given in this country. Wine is one of the drinks you have to try in their home country.

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