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Weddings, bachelors party, meetings or any other celebration is not complete if there is not a bottle of wine on the table. Wine is relaxing, therapeutic and it offers this feeling of wellness and a relaxing sensation that no other drink can provide.

There are many countries is Europe or even in America that are well known since they produce very good wine. However, the largest and some of the oldest wineries are in Australia. Keep in mind that Australia is the 5th largest producer of wine. Australia is a country with extraordinary wine valleys and some of the oldest wineries in the world. Let’s take a look at the best Australian wines brands that will blow your palate.

Watervale wine

The legendary John Vickery and his Watervale wine have a long history. This old-style wine is juicy – with a slightly lime touch and its base reminds the vintage style that all wines must have. Watervale Riesling is probably the best price-value wine from Australia you can find. It is perfect for celebrations at any time and season as it provides a bitter-sweet flavor perfect for any food.

2012 Spinifex Indigene, Barossa Valley

The 2012 Spinifex Indigene, Barossa Valley is a mixture of mataro and shiraz and it delivers an extremely delicious and modern exquisite and soft flavor if compared to the traditional and classic red wine. The balance and finesse are two key factors that make this wine one of the top 10 in Australia. The soft body and sweet smell are the perfect combination for a casual drink where is no time for food.

Domenica Roussanne Marsanne, Beechworth 2012

The Domenica Roussanne Marsanne, Beechworth 2012 is handled by the well-known and expert Peter Graham ex-assistant of Giaconda. This wine provides the perfect balance between grilled nuts and white wine which makes a dense body. The cream texture is so satisfying when it is served through the pass of the time.

Nothing better than citrus flavor on our favorite wine. The La violeta Ü lèvre d’Orange, Great Southern 2013 is and will be the orange wine for excellence. Its flavor comes from the gentle, charmingly, and with a slightly spicy touch provided by the unique mixture of Riesling and gewürztraminer.

Shiraz Australia

Shiraz is the preferred red wine for the Australian wine drinkers. It suggests a slightly drop of strength which is given by warm climes where it is grown and prepared. Also, it possesses a strong and rich aroma specially if blended with Merlot.

Wendouree Cabernet Malbec

When talking about wine everybody agrees with the old saying the older the better. One of the oldest winery cab is located in the South of Australia which is the perfect region to raise grapes. The Wendouree Cabernet Malbec comes from this land and its extraordinarily body and color provides the palate with an intense flavor even minutes after drinking it.

Chardonnay Australia

Chardonnay is perhaps the leading white wine in Australia and in some parts around the world. Grown in the zones where the weather is cold, the body of this wine and its consistence gives the appropriate balance to a strong and exquisite flavor. Mostly used to accompany salty food, this wine offers the appropriate balance for this type of food.

One the favorite and best Australian wines to accompany seafood is Wendouree Cabernet Malbec, Clare Valley 2010. Produced under the saying that there in not wine that compares the flavor of the one grown in the Wendouree winery. Its textures and dense aroma along with the dark and deep color makes this wine perfect.

Australia as well as many countries goes beyond the standards required to produced excellent wine. Hundred percent natural, preserved, and packed, Australian wine claims to be one of the best drinks you will ever taste.

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